Equitas Consultants

Who we are

Equitas Consultants provides high net worth families and businesses with solutions to transition their business and wealth. 


We provide tailor made approaches for our clients through facilitated or mediated discussions, professionally-advised succession plans, robust governance structures and corresponding legal documentation. 


In cases of irreconcilable conflicts, we help our clients find mutually agreeable solutions in a private setting without the need for costly multiple representation and public court proceedings.

What sets us apart from other firms?

Equitas – the Latin word for “justice” or “fairness”. We began the firm as we were disheartened by the number of family businesses we saw being negatively impacted by family strife. 


Breakdowns in communication and trust lay at the core of the problems. We began working with clients to bridge this gap in order to allow the businesses to succeed and family relationships to be restored. 


Our professionals work alongside our clients to offer a comprehensive approach to planning and problem solving. We understand their business goals and provide the appropriate and immediate attention required to make those goals a reality.

Listen to President, Ron Prehogan, talk about Equitas Consultants

Each family, business and situation is unique. We pride ourselves on driving proactive dialogue around business, shareholder, and family concerns, so that we in turn can help our clients move forward to properly plan for their business and family future.

Bio for Ron Prehogan

Ron is the President and founder of Equitas Consultants Inc. He started Equitas because as a lawyer and family man he was disheartened by the number of family businesses he was seeing being torn apart by family strife. He saw how breakdowns in communication and trust lay at the core of the problems so he became certified as a family business facilitator and began working with clients to bridge the gaps both from a communication and governance perspective.

More often than not, these situations get the clients back on track. However, there are some situations where family relationships have deteriorated to the point where nothing can be done to save them. In these situations, Equitas offers its clients a unique form of a mediated “business divorce” solution using a team of legal, valuation and tax advisors. Our approach spares the clients the tremendous financial and emotional cost, uncertainty and protracted and public nature of litigation.

Ron is both the President of Equitas Consultants Inc, and also maintains a separate legal practice under an affiliate law firm, Brazeau Seller Law where his focus lies in commercial transactions including mergers, acquisitions, and the sale of business properties. During his career, he has been involved in large transactions locally, nationally and internationally.

Ron was awarded the 2018 Turnaround Management Association Award for Mid-Size Companies for his involvement with a client’s acquisition and saving of a paper mill in Northern Manitoba. This global award is chosen based on a rigorous peer-review process that recognizes the most successful turnaround of a company through a corporate restructuring or distressed investment.

Ron has given back to the community over the years in many ways including chairing the boards of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa, the Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation and various other local and national organizations for which he has received numerous prestigious awards. Ron was honoured at the Jewish National Fund of Ottawa’s 2022 Negev Gala in support of Alzheimer’s research in a unique collaboration between the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Ottawa’s Brain and Mind Research Institute. Currently, he serves as the president of Kind Canada Genereux and sits on the Board of the Ottawa Jewish Community School.

Education, Professional designations, Awards

  • Lawyer B.C.L., LL.B
  • Recognized since 2024 in the Best Lawyers in Canada™ in Corporate Law
  • Certified Family Business Facilitator with Family Enterprise Canada (formerly known as Canadian Association of Family
  • Honouree of the 2022 Negev Gala which raised $780,000 towards Alzheimer’s research.
  • Recipient of the 2018 Mid-Size Company Turnaround Management Association Award
  • Recipient of 2010 Gilbert Greenberg Distinguished Leadership Award from the Ottawa Jewish Community
  • Recipient of one of only two Community Spirit Awards ever given out by the Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation
    for exemplary service for the hospital.

Ronald Prehogan, B.C.L., LL.B

President, Equitas Consultants Inc.
Direct: (613) 907-8151
Email: rprehogan@equitasconsultants.com
LinkedIn: ronprehogan

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