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The Equitas Transition Plan™ Q&A

Published: 2010 05 19 | Views: 3706
Transition planning for a business owner is a concept that is bandied about by so many, yet successfully done by so few. Why that is the case is not as important as what steps should be taken to make transition planning a more successful exercise.

NBC’s TONIGHT SHOW: Succession Planning Gone Wrong

Published: 2010 04 13 | Views: 3024
It seems like a truism among business experts that it is never too early to start working on a succession plan. No matter how large or small the business and even when dealing with a not-for-profit organization, the importance of planning sooner rather than later for the day that the person in charge is no longer in charge cannot be under-stated.

THE ETHICAL WILL: Have You Considered Doing One?

Published: 2009 08 17 | Views: 2125
I wonder how many of you reading this article even know what an ethical will is. My strong hunch is that there are very few although I would imagine that every one of you knows what a legal will is.


Published: 2008 11 10 | Views: 1887
In my experience dealing with family businesses, those that succeed most in passing ownership to the next generation are the ones where the fathers have the humility to think that maybe they too should bear some of the responsibility and then decide to do something positive and constructive about it. By doing so, they give their children “the respect they deserve and the opportunity to spread their wings”.

Secret Weapon to Successful Generational Transition

Published: 2008 06 30 | Views: 4882
There is an epidemic about to occur in Canada and the United States as the baby boomers begin to retire. Many of these baby boomers created businesses as a means to support their families and have been very successful at doing so. But now, as they reach retirement age, many of their businesses are going to be changing ownership – a process that has proven difficult for most.
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