Dividing Family Assets: The Lot Selection Process

Published: 2013 03 04 | Views: 4766
You are the executor of an estate and have several valuable assets (e.g. real estate holdings or an artwork collection) to sell or divide up for the benefit of the children of the deceased. The deceased has not provided any direction as to who should get what assets (except for personal items such as jewellery and chinaware). The children cannot agree amongst themselves as to who should get what. There is significant value so you don’t want to be putting the assets up for sale for pennies on the dollar. The only viable option that is left is to divide the assets among the children as best you can. How can you do this in a way that is fair and equitable?

THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION:  What Does It Mean To Your Business?

Published: 2011 03 21 | Views: 3191
I recently attended a session given by a Generation Y expert at a client retreat. The purpose was for the owner, the board and senior managers of the company to learn how better to engage that generation of workers in the business.

From Family Business to Family Office

Published: 2012 01 16 | Views: 2672
Simply put, a family office is the structure used to manage the business of a family. It need not be an actual office nor need it consist of full-time help. Think of it as a concept, as a kind of virtual office that organizes you for an intended purpose.


Published: 2010 11 22 | Views: 2492
I was at a bank’s succession planning seminar recently and at the end of the presentation someone in the audience asked why he should use the bank’s services in that area when he has his own lawyer and accountant to provide him with the advice he needs. The answer from the banker was that the bank is a catalyst for getting a succession and estate plan done, not a replacement for the work of the lawyer and the accountant.
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