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THE ETHICAL WILL: Have You Considered Doing One?

Published: 2009 08 17 | Views: 2125
I wonder how many of you reading this article even know what an ethical will is. My strong hunch is that there are very few although I would imagine that every one of you knows what a legal will is.

Communication Needed to Make Family Succession a Success

Published: 2008 04 12 | Views: 1743
Picture a highly successful family-owned Canadian business. The owner, a man in his 70s, should be at the point when he can retire and hand off the company to the next generation. But he just can't let go. Or, perhaps more accurately, he won't let go because he doesn't consider his two children -- both of whom are working in the company -- to be ready to take over.

Should Entrepreneurs Learn Rock-Climbing?

Published: 2008 01 07 | Views: 1642
My daughter has always had a strong independence streak. Recently, over a quiet dinner, Kirstie announced that she had selected a university ‘some distance’ from home at which to continue her education. Almost as an afterthought, she added that she had started a new hobby: rock climbing. One evening, I went to watch her at the climbing wall and decided that, despite the safety harnesses, this was not a sport for her height-challenged father, for whom a step-ladder invokes trepidation.
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