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 Dr. Reuven BulkaDr. Reuven Bulka,
Family Counsellor




“I look at the issues I deal with at Equitas as opportunities that have the potential to improve both the family and the business. My approach encourages enthusiasm, commitment, compassion and being open-minded in order to help bring clarity. After a lifetime of helping people understand what lies beneath their challenges, I relish every chance to help a family business identify and resolve the barriers that may be holding them back from a more positive future.”

An author of over 30 books, hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles as well as a host of radio and television shows, Psychologist Dr. Reuven Bulka has counselled families and family businesses for over 35 years and is widely admired for his deeply human, down to earth and compassionate style.

Role at Equitas
Dr. Bulka helps identify and bring clarity to underlying family issues that may be distracting from addressing important family business issues. His unique grasp of family business dynamics and relationships allows him to help all stakeholders gain an ability to understand and separate those issues that need to be addressed as individuals from those that need to be addressed by the family business. His focus is assisting with family business issues.

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