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It’s lonely at the top. I can’t get advice as to what to do with my business from my wife as she doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise.  I can’t share all the information with my senior executives as it would be a conflict of interest.  My lawyers and accountants have too narrow a focus so don’t see the big picture.  I rely on Ron Prehogan because he offers candid and practical solutions based on his years of experience as a lawyer and family business consultant.  I don’t need another ‘yes man’.”

- Owner of 3rd generation family business

“Ron Prehogan has been of great help to us over the years, first in helping us sort out some succession issues and then in quarterbacking our estate planning process.  We continue to work with Ron as he helps us with our transition to the next generation.”

Bryan Rowntree, President and Owner
Rowntree Enterprises Inc.


“When I joined KOTT as CEO, I was stepping into a role previously occupied for 25 years by the owner and founder of the business. As part of his personal transition, the owner then assumed the new role of Chairman. Recognizing that there would be challenges to both of us in assuming these new roles, the Board created a Transition Committee which was comprised of myself, the owner and Ron Prehogan. Ron acted as the “informal” Chairman of the committee. We met monthly, usually in a casual setting over dinner, and worked from a prepared agenda.

Ron brought a unique perspective to his role on the transition committee. He had worked as personal advisor to the owner in setting the owner’s new role as Chairman and was a KOTT Group Board Member with the attendant responsibilities to the business. He completely grasped the balance he needed to achieve between the objectives of the owner, myself and the business of KOTT. During our committee meetings, he wasn’t afraid to challenge myself or the owner on how we were feeling about our new roles. Ron’s guidance was instrumental in achieving a smooth transition for both the owner and me.”    

Bernie Ashe, Chief Executive Officer
KOTT Group


“When my friend and business associate required help in a complex family business situation we called on Ron Prehogan to help. Ron was not only an accomplished lawyer but had an understanding of the intricacies of how family business dynamics impact a transaction between family members. Ron understood that the transaction was more than about getting a deal done but protecting valuable family relationships as well.”

Peter Bennett
Ferguslea Properties Limited

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